section 609 credit repair letter

section 609 credit repair letter If you use the wrong SECTION 609 CREDIT DISPUTE letter the credit bureaus will label your credit dispute frivilous.
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This guide shows you how and actually offers FREE disputing services with handholding for a full year.
If you use any other section 609 credit dispute letters in an attempt to remove your negative credit from your credit report you will be disappointed with the results.
The credit bureaus will classify your section 609 credit dispute letters frivilous and refuse to remove any of your negative credit items.
A valid section 609 credit dispute letter must use the proper language that Appellant Court judges have used in the court orders.
I dont want to pay that amount for some letters that I know that can be done by myself.
Ive been studying credit repair for 2 years and Im really trying to get the bottom of things.
I have read the forums and Im still looking for a letter that is aggressive and successful with stating the FCRA Section 609 and will result in a deletion from the credit report.
I would question the relevancy of this statute as it relates to any deletion of prior credit reporting.
The fact that a credti repair agency is throwing FCRA 609 at you kinda sends off bells in my head.
You are perjuring yourself by initiating the investigation and swearing the items are not yours.
At the back of the ebook is a certificate entitling you to the FREE Credit Disputing Process.
You will forward a copy of your certificate and a copy of your credit report or you can request from our office a FREE credit report and we will analyze the report and draft the appropriate letters for each bureau.
A signature required is usually sufficient for proof of delivery to each of the credit bureaus.
If you still see the negative items listed on a generic letter from the credit bureau do NOT assume that the dispute is over or the credit bureaus have completed the investigation this is customary.
ANY time the client receives correspondence from ANY of the credit bureaus they are instructed to immediately forward that information to our Processing Center.
We instruct the client to let us analyze the results and respond on their behalf to EVERY request.
If 60 days EVER goes by without a response we must know immediately from the client so we may address a DELAY of Investigation letter to that credit bureau failing to respond.
We know how to maximize your credit scores all on an individual case by case basis.
If you do not have email access simply leave a message on our messaging system and we will address your questions with a general mail delivery response.
Once you have purchased the ebook and are ready for the Credit Disputing Assistance this is what you will do.
Under the FCRA the credit bureaus need to provide you a copy of verifiable documentation if it is requested by you the consumer.
We simply have a right to receive a copy of the Original Creditors Documentation.
It holds the credit reporting agencies accountable for the negative information they pass on.
This is obviously related to the right of debtors to challenge the accuracy of negative events reported on them.
The intent of the government was to protect debtors from having inaccurate information used against them.
But they have a choice and when forced to verify the data they report they will choose to take negative events off.
McInnis decided the entire country desperately needed real credit education and true credit restoration.
We have never received a single copy of verifiable proof on a single client account.
Credit reporting agencies collect information regarding your payment history with all of your creditors.
Legally removing derogatory information from your credit report is just as easy as removing a credit card debt from a card company.
Your signature on a contract or even a piece of paper that looks official does not exist.
You will need a letter writing campaign where you begin telling the reporting agency you are aware of section 609 requiring verification for a particular item on the report.
You will get the first letter from them advising that they are taking your request into consideration.
After you receive their response letter you begin your second letter stating this is your second request for removal of the item and their response has been unsatisfactory because no verification has been presented to you.
An additional three letters from you stating your dissatisfaction with their inaction on providing the verification using progressively demanding language on your part will establish beyond a shadow of doubt that you have made demands and no action has been taken.
Your sixth and final letter should state that you are totally dissatisfied and disgusted with their total failure to remove the item under federal law contained in section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and you have no choice but to seek legal action against them.
Your previous letters establish proof that you have repeatedly sought this legal remedy and your sixth letter tells them you are now ready to take legal action.
The fact that you have spent six months demanding verification when none existed shows you are persistent and knowledgeable of the legal system.
They will believe you when you threaten legal action and to save money in a court action which they could not win will force them to remove item.
The only other thing you need to know is you can only dispute 22 cards at a time by law if you have that many.
Legally Remove Any Derogatory Information From Your Credit Report No Matter What It Is About.
Legally Remove Any Derogatory Information From Your Credit Report No Matter What It Is About .

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